Welcome to the APS Healthcare Providers portal. In this new portal you can access information about the business lines that APS manages. At the same time, you can have access to the latest information and news about our processes and services.

APS has the most complete network of mental health providers in Puerto Rico.

To search for PSG mental health providers follow this link.  

The following section contains documentation of regulations, guides, training, changes and other relevant information. It is very important for APS Healthcare to keep you informed, thus we encourage you to visit this area and identify any new documents that become available. This section will serve as a reference for you and your office staff.

APS Healthcare as a Credentials Verification Organization 4.1 serves as a vital component in delivering safe and successful care. By achieving this accreditation from URAC, APS increases patient confidence and maintains provider excellence. As always, highlighting our commitment to quality and patient safety.

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20200909 Carta Circular 20-0904

Carta Normativa 20-0819 - Requisito de “contrafirma” del médico primario para el despacho de recetas de medicamentos

Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal (PEP)_7ma Fase_20200807

Carta Normativa 20-0717-01 Buprenorfina

Carta Normativa 20-0717 Suspensión del Requerimiento de Referidos

Carta Circular 20-0630 Actualización - Manejo de Cloroquina e Hidroxicloroquina debido al Estado de Emergencia causado por COVID-19

Carta Normativa 20-03-16A Enmendada - Restablecimiento de Pre-Autorizaciones (PA) para medicamentos en FMC Éditos en Farmacia Red de Farmacias y Proveedores del Pla

20200618_OA 449_Telemedicina hasta 31 de Dic 2020

Carta Circular a Proveedores _Adiestramiento MOC 2020 TSA

SNP MOC Training Providers - English_ES021020 slides

SNP MOC Training Proveedores - Español_ES021020 slides

20200518_Normativa CNC-2020-278-D_carta a PRV


20200518_Orden Ejecutiva 2020-036 Carta a PRV


Carta Informativa PRV-2020-04-28: Copagos y Deducibles MA

Promo Buprenorfina - ASSMCA Abril 27 y 29, 2020

Normativa 19-0826A_Cambio Formulario Medicamentos_Vital_20200423

Carta Normativa 19-0826-A FMC Enmendada

Carta Normativa 19-0826 Enmendada

Buprenorfina_Suspensión del requisito de prueba toxicológica

Buprenorfina_suspencion toxicologica_Covid-19_20200421


Orden Ejecutiva 2020 031 - Vigilancia y Divulgacion Casos COVID-19

Comunicación Importante a todos los Profesionales de la Salud 24 marzo 2020

Inscripcion de Proveedores Medicaid Fecha pospuesta_20200401

Comunicación Importante a todos los Profesionales de la Salud 24 marzo 2020

Qué precauciones deben considerar las personas con diagnóstico positivo de VIH ante el Coronavirus RWBA FINAL

Orden Administrativa 426-Coronavirus Mujeres Embarazadas

Formulario Orden Administrativa-426 Coronavirus Mujeres Embarazadas

Carta Normativa 20-0320-Controles Cloroquina e Hidroxicloroquina, Azitromicina


Aviso Profesionales Salud_20200317

Inscripción Proveedores Itinerario_2do aviso_20200317

Normative Letter COVID-19 Labs and Telehealth

Carta Normativa 20-03-16A

Carta Normativa 20-03-16B

CN 20-03-18A_Non Face to Face - Services

Facturación Electrónica COVID-19

Carta Cover Comunicado Profesionales de la Salud

Aviso Profesionales Salud_20200317

Dept. Salud, Plan de pandemia (COVID-19) 2020

Carta Cover_CARTA NORMATIVA NÚM. CN-2020-261-D_20200214

CN-2020-261-D Carta Normativa para derogar Carta NormativaCN-2020-254-D

CN-2020-254-D (Despacho meds emergencia)

APS Healthcare PR Approved Guidelines 2019

Portal Medicaid Notificación Proveedores 20191122

Comunicado Medicaid

Normative Letter 19-1104 Referral and Consultation Form

Financial Exploitation Presentation

APS Cultural Competency 2019

Providers Basic Guide for Management

Providers Compliance Certification

Normative Letter 19-0305 LGBT Population Services amended

INMEDIATA Electronic Billing Letter

Normative Letter 19-0130 Period Extension for Vital Transition

Normative Letter 18-1116

Normative Letter 18-1031 Provisional Credentialing of Providers

Normative Letter 18-1003 Amended 


Cultural Competency for Providers

APS Healthcare

MBHO that offers specialized services to medical plans.

APS Clinics
Mental Behavioral Health clinical system around the whole island.