Welcome to the APS Healthcare Providers portal. In this new portal you can access information about the business lines that APS manages. At the same time, you can have access to the latest information and news about our processes and services.

APS has the most complete network of mental health providers in Puerto Rico.

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The following section contains documentation of regulations, guides, training, changes and other relevant information. It is very important for APS Healthcare to keep you informed, thus we encourage you to visit this area and identify any new documents that become available. This section will serve as a reference for you and your office staff.


Financial Exploitation Presentation

APS Cultural Competency 2019

Providers Basic Guide for Management

Providers Compliance Certification

Normative Letter 19-0305 LGBT Population Services amended

INMEDIATA Electronic Billing Letter

Normative Letter 19-0130 Period Extension for Vital Transition

Normative Letter 18-1116

Normative Letter 18-1031 Provisional Credentialing of Providers

Normative Letter 18-1003 Amended 


Cultural Competency for Providers

APS Healthcare

MBHO that offers specialized services to medical plans.

APS Clinics
Mental Behavioral Health clinical system around the whole island.