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APS HEALTH is the leading group in the provision of mental health services in Puerto Rico. Consistent with our vision to be a world class organization, we ensure the highest ethical standards from all our associates, employees and providers and the best practice of quality and service, such as telemedicine and homebound services.

We promote a professional and a warm work environment where our staff develop their abilities, improving quality of life for themselves and their families. We base our values on dignity and respect for cultural and life differences to exalting the population we serve. The willingness to serve our people is our main asset.

What We Do

At APS HEALTH we are committed to the holistic concept of integrating and promoting physical, mental and spiritual health, recognizing the importance of mental health as the epicenter of the social collective and community life.

Through the range of services offered by APS Healthcare, APS Clinics and APS OptiMind, we approach our clients offering a personalized, sensitive and hopeful experience reaffirming our commitment and Mission to improve the quality of life of the people we serve.


At APS HEALTH we maximize the use of technology to support processes aimed at providing the best care, comply with laws, regulations and with our contractual obligations that in turn protect the quality of service that our beneficiaries need and deserve.

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APS HealthCare
MBHO that offers specialized services to medical plans.
APS Clinics

Mental Behavioral Health clinical system around the whole island.