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Through the more than 20 years of experience we have achieved continuous growth in the population we serve, this is achieved because of the excellent services we provide.
We invite you to know the chance to live better with the expert and confidential help we offer.


Founded in 1990, URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation.

During the accreditation preparation process, organizations improve; and when they get it, they excel among their competitors.

APS Healthcare has earned the Health Utilization Management 7.1 and Credentials Verification Organization 4.1 Programs accreditations.


The Explorer that Search for Infinite Emotions

Psychologist is a noun that at first sight makes us feel fear, insecurity and confusion, and in many times we look at these health professionals by pigeonholing them in a single concept or we simply see them as doctors who treat severe diagnoses. Today, we guide you on the importance and aspects that make up

Walking Through Happiness

Unhealthy relationships tend to be that issue that many times men and women decide to ignore. Most of the time we fall into that state where we dedicate ourselves to please the happiness and needs of our partner. These actions lead us to lose our identity; we ignore the signs that tell us that we
Social Worker

Social Work: Social equity for a decent life

In the midst of such a changing and advanced era, we believe that all individuals enjoy the same privileges and that in some way we are making progress in our social environment. We may think that poverty has been eradicated, the lack of access to education and other existing aids that promote an individual to

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